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technology to support the core curriculum by using engaging digital tools. Students must become more than passive learners to succeed in the 21st Century - they must become content creators and problem-solvers. Technology integration is the perfect way to accomplish this. This is also necessary because the way in which students learn has changed as the world has changed and we must respond to it.

Riding on a truly international business platform, EDUtPRO India 2020 is poised to act as catalyst for business growth in today’s competitive environment. The rapid growth of Indian economy is manifested in the number of educational institutions that are coming up with those opportunities also come challenges. Some of those challenges relate to cost, sustainability, optimizing usage and making teaching and learning meaningful for students, and relevant for the development of the country. Many policy makers, planners, managers, and practitioners still lack experience, knowledge, and judgment capabilities in the systems, methods, and media involved in what is essentially an emerging field. This lack of experience is particularly evident when dealing with the integration and hence the demand for efficient and strategic education management is increasing.