uPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturers Association called UWDMA, is founded in 2008 as an non-profit body. The Association is represented by members encompassing profile extruders/importers, window fabricators, machine manufacturers including suppliers, software providers, raw material suppliers, hardware manufacturers, technologist, researchers other professionals etc. Its constituents cover well over 85% of industry's indigenous business.

      1. It is committed to create awareness and educate all concerned viz. the end user, technocrats, builders, architect others all about the product, its concept & salient features, the product has in conformity to the tropical climate of India.

2. As a stake holder, it is dedicated to assist agencies like BIS, BEE other certifying agencies to create/ benchmark and Standards, technical specification of uPVC
__ Windows & Doors ensuring peak performance by the product in line with laid Standards.

3. Shall benchmark technical specification of uPVC Windows & Doors product in related manufacturing and installation areas in order to have best performance &
___hence high ended service to the user.

  1. The Assn shall represent on behalf of the all associated with the industry, be it the manufacturers, importers or supplies, to concerned in the government bodies & institutions to focus on industry needs & its requirements.  Will bring forward on behalf of the industry the much needed social, environmental & other business advantages to both the exchequer & the government and pursue for formation of suitable regulations e.g. incentives to Industry thru a rational tax structure etc.


  1. Shall collate and disseminate statistical and technical Information in respect of

UPVC WINDOW & DOORS trade and industry to its members, manufacturing and installation in order to have an up-dated quality product & services to the

  1. Is committed to create awareness and educate one & all viz. the end user, technocrats, town-planners, builders, architect other professionals though national & international exhibitions in order to ensure a larger spread of the concept so that  every one enjoys the latest & up-graded, quality products & services.