If you want to be a quality and performance leader in the construction industry, you need a reliable supply of proven silicone sealants and construction chemicals.  It also helps to have a supplier with global resources - an ally who can anticipate your challenges, create innovative solutions, and help you implement them.
In structural silicone glazing, structural silicone adhesive, rather than metal fasteners, is used to attach glass, ceramic, metal, stone or composite panels to a building’s frame. This creates a continuous flexible rubber anchor that absorbs stress and prevents air- and water intrusion. Only silicone sealants possess the unique combination of strength, flexibility and weather resistance required for structural glazing applications. The system may be two-sided or four-sided, depending on design requirements. In two-sided systems, only the vertical joints are structurally glazed with silicone, creating a ribbon effect. The dead load of the panel weight is supported mechanically.
Whether you are building or refurbishing, we can supply the application technology and tailored support you need to:

  • Solve structural glazing and weatherproofing challenges
  • Maximize energy efficiency in buildings
  • Improve in-shop productivity and reduce material waste
  • Extend building life and reduce life cycle costs
  • Achieve your sustainable development vision
  • Achieve design freedom

    Expand your options with products, knowledge, and technical support from Dow Corning.

    With four decades of innovation leadership in the commercial glazing industry, from the first four-sided structural glazing systems to the latest research in construction technologies, Dow Corning has the experience to help you create innovative, durable curtain wall systems.