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About Laetus Education:

Laetus Education private limited is a supplementary education service provider that provides communicative skills development programmes for students of all age groups. With over 300,000 man hours of research, Laetus Education has designed comprehensive set of tools that enhances the educational goals of both schools and students on the campus. Laetus Communicative English supplements the formal education of students by improving their communicative skills in English.

Laetus Education’s unique and innovative methodology incorporates activity-based tasks that reinforce students’ cognitive development at a subconscious level. Language learning software monitors the students’ progress at the micro level. Laetus Education’s system offers programs that integrate teachers and school managers into a student’s education in a meaningful way.

Laetus Education has partnered with Carnegie Speech, USA for licensing their enterprise software for testing and improving speaking skills for non-native speakers. Carnegie speech is an offshoot of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Carnegie speech brings web based software with state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies licensed from Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Speech enables scalable and personalized spoken language instruction that maximizes training effectiveness and minimizes training time.

Laetus Education provides two learning solutions to the schools:

1. Laetus-Carnegie Language Labs

a. Extensive, detailed spoken English curricula in language pronunciation, grammar, fluency and prosodic (word stress, pace and pausing, etc.).
b. Pronunciation tutoring technologies
c. English speech training remediation features
d. The Intelligent Tutor
e. Progress reports

2. Laetus Communicative English

a. Specially designed content and techniques are used, not the traditional textbooks.
b. Language games, activities, audio-visual materials, and software create a fun-filled learning atmosphere.
c. Two classes per section/class per week throughout the year ensure optimum results.
d. Delivery of the programme is through the connected classroom technology
e. The classes are aired from our studios and the classes are two way audio, video and content interactive sessions. All sessions are LIVE

Please contact us for more details and solutions for your institution:

Laetus Education Private Limited,
# 21, A M Elegance, 1st Floor,
17th Cross, WOC Road,
Vijayanagar, Bangalore – 560040.
Landmark: Near Maruti Mandir

Ph: +91 99000 15261