Benefits of Attending

Meet and network with top brass and critical decision makers that hold the keys to influence change in corporate culture in India; discuss the role of intelligence in Corporate Security as a risk deterrent and loss prevention tactic.

Identify the opportunity; get to know the vast amount of opportunities and investments going into Corporate Security and Risk Management projects in India as an integrated part of business operations in integrated townships, hotels, hospitals and commercial centres.

Learn about healthy cost structures in the global markets and craft a pricing structure that fits Indian markets; create options and weigh these options in order to select the best stand.

BASIS–2013 is a platform for security professionals across India to have cutting edge classified information on what’s next and who’s next in the stream of security from the leading security experts; its focus is to detect, prevent and protect any corporate from any external and internal threats.

BASIS–2013 assures every participant a Return on Investment through breakthrough technologies, one on one business meetings, Panel discussions, In-depth analysis, Strategic insights and Comprehensive case studies by industry experts to overcome any threats and challenges faced by the organization.

BASIS –2013 will provide a truly global meeting and networking place and exchange of ideas for senior security, resilience and risk management executives to tackle the most critical security challenges at the highest level. Subjects for discussion and case studies include security information sharing; terrorist threats; aviation, maritime & hotel security; security governance; security communications; counterfeit & securing international trade; CEO & employee security; industrial espionage; securing critical national infrastructure etc..

BASIS–2013 hosts prominent speakers and security experts from India and abroad, while the audience consists primarily of top executives and officers from public and private security organizations that are responsible for the formulation and implementation of local, national and regional security policy, as well as for the provision of state-of-the-art equipment that may serve the quality standards and security objectives dictated by current international condition.

Develop your relationships with corporate leadership in India in order to win local tenders and drive home best practices in Corporate Security and Risk Management setting the example; creating Minimum Operating Security Standards (MOSS) for Residential & Commercial sectors in India.

Have face-to-face meetings with Corporate Security and Risk Management program leaders in order to best understand their challenges, compulsions, gaps, requirements, visions & the opportunities towards opening doors and securing new business with the new threshold.

Learn the principles of best Corporate Security and Risk Management from International Security and Risk Management Specialists and Advisors; create value for your buck.

Form an alliance towards influencing Corporate India to change and adopt best principles and pricing structure evenly across India; standardize the rules governing Corporate Security in India integrating MOSS and MORSS into security training requirements.

Move to influence standardization of the Corporate Security norms in India through law.

Promote your business services and products to those who really count with a new initiative.