Gold Partner

Athena Security Solutions INDIA Private Limited (ATHENA) is an independent provider of specialized security services, security consulting, training and unique technology for Corporate, Government and Non-Government Markets. When you need a Security Partner, who goes beyond the guard at your gate, someone who you can trust to honestly assess a comprehensive alertness of your organization, then think of Athena Security. With Integrity and a Commitment to Excellence.

Athena Consulting
ATHENA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (ACS), provides consultancy in various aspects of security, including but not limited to Risk Assessment services for the protection of Critical Facilities, Hotels, Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Oil Platforms, Ports, VIP homes, IT infrastructure, Cyber Security, analyzing internal threats and from vendors /clients etc. In addition to providing a wide range of comprehensive assessments, we also have the manpower and access to specialized technologies & services to mitigate the threats.

Athena Special Protection Group
ATHENA SPG (Special Protection group), provides highly trained personnel for the protection of VIP's and/or their families who face threats from several quarters. Corporate executives on the move, especially in disturbed areas, need trained personnel to travel with them who understand the issues and can manage the requirements. Our personnel also provide CEO's and executives visiting India, who want  a quiet, discrete but highly trained team to ensure their safe movement. Through our global network, we can also provide protective services when any of our clients travel across the globe. 
All personnel are trained in unarmed combat (Krav Maga). In addition we also provide specialized resources for the protection of facilities where various technologies are deployed. We can test the ability of your protection team on alertness, explosive detection, response capability, and various other aspects.

Athena Academy
Our ACADEMY, being developed on the outskirts of Hyderbad is designed to provide your personnel specialized training in various aspects of protection, whether it be personal, facility, explosive detection, intelligence gathering, etc. Our courses are taught by highly trained and specialized personnel drawn from across the globe, providing a unique perspective and exposure to several areas.

We offer a full range of technology and products. All specialized products are sold with end-user certification. We have exclusive partnerships with U.S., Israeli, French and Ukraine based companies and organizations.

  • CCTV, IR, Thermal (cooled & un-cooled),Video Motion Detection, Virtual Fencing, Facial Recognition, Video Walls and associated technologies
  • Explosive Detectors, Disposal & Bomb Inhibitors
  • Layered Voice Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection and Pipeline Protection systems
  • Sensors for underground and underwater detection
  • Several others..
We are registered with US ITAR and conform to all requirements of Israeli SIBAT.