Future Cities AP-2015

Conceptualizing a fully functioning knowledge-based society

The AP government as Prime Minister Modi had envisioned are strategizing and developing smart cities under mega flagship urban schemes. It has decided to set up its own smart cities appointing its key consultant as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), which aims at creating seven smart cities. The government is involving international agencies to prepare master plans for the proposed smart cities. All working under the AMRUT Plan where each selected city would get central assistance of Rs.100 crore per year for five years.

Aiming at a fully functioning knowledge-based society Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Tirupati, Vijaywada, Nellore, Amaravati along with Kurnool are the cities of focus either to be adopted or progressed within AP. The State will take on a mission-based approach to development, wherein priorities will be given to various sectors by setting up five grids on water, power, gas, road and fibre-optic broadband connectivity. Deriving its major support and engines of growth from The Vizag-Chennai Industrial Corridor and The Chennai-Bangalore Industrial Corridor.

Understanding that the growth of Developing Smart Cities can Create Business Opportunities Worth Billions to recast the urban Indian landscape. AP is at the forefront of developing 2 Metropolis in the State. Vijayawada The Business Capital of Andhra Pradesh and Visakhapatnam where it has already launched its pilot basis Public Wi-Fi Facility. Having all its cabinets geared up for this change Andhra Pradesh is the evaluating all possible options to associate with the right partner for its growth.

This platform will help you reach the strategic masters & minds who are key influencers and decision makers in shaping the next futuristic cities in India. To transform, objectives and strategies have to be planned and defined ensuring an integrated holistic trend setting maneuvers. Future Cities Andhra Pradesh is the platform to impart this knowledge with critical skill sets required to face any incitement.

Benefits of Attending

• Future Cities AP-2015 is a platform for professionals across India who have cutting edge classified information on what’s next and who’s next in the stream of City Development from the leading experts; its focus is to detect, prevent and protect any city from any external and internal threats.

• Future Cities AP-2015 assures every participant a Return on Investment through breakthrough technologies, one on one business meetings, P anel discussions, In-depth analysis, Strategic insights and Comprehensive case studies by industry experts to overcome any threats and challenges faced by the city.

• Future Cities AP-2015 will provide a truly global meeting and networking place and exchange of ideas to tackle the most critical challenges at the highest level.

• Future Cities AP-2015 hosts prominent speakers and experts from India and abroad, while the audience consists primarily of top executives a nd officers from public and private organizations that are responsible for the formulation and implementation of local, national and regional policy, as well as for the provision of state-of-the-art equipment that may serve the quality standards and objectives dictated by current international condition.

• Meet and network with top brass and critical decision makers that hold the keys to influence change in civic culture in Andhra Pradesh; d iscuss the role of intelligence and communication in the city’s development.

• Identify the opportunity; get to know the vast amount of opportunities and investments going into Infrastructure projects in Andhra Pradesh a s an integrated part of operations in integrated townships, hotels, hospitals and commercial centres.

• Develop your relationships with leadership in Andhra Pradesh in order to win local tenders and provide best practices in Smart Cities and set a benchmark to all sectors in India.

• Have face-to-face meetings with City Development leaders in order to best understand their challenges, compulsions, gaps, requirements, visions & the opportunities towards opening doors and securing new business with the new threshold.

• Learn about healthy cost structures in the global markets and craft a pricing structure that fits Indian markets; create options and weigh these options in order to select the best stand.

• Form an alliance towards influencing leadership in Andhra Pradesh to change and adopt best principles and pricing structure evenly across the State.

• Move to influence standardization of policy norms in India through law.

• Promote your business services and products to those who really count with a new initiative.

Endorsed By


The programme is researched and designed for: Policy makers and the Ministry of

• Urban Development
• Environment, Forests & Climate Change
• Power
• New and Renewable Energy
• Road Transport and Highways
• Commerce & Industry
• Electronics & Information Technology
• Communications & Information Technology
• Home Affairs
• Primary, Secondary and Higher Education

The programme is researched and designed for: smart cities concept decision makers of large private and public enterprises also

• Municipal commissioners
• Infrastructure developers
• Construction companies & contractors
• Utility companies
• Construction equipment manufacturers
• Technology providers
• Financial institutions and investors
• Telecommunications & IT professionals
• Suppliers and buyers of relevant technologies
• Consultants

Partner Categories

Smart Environment
•Water and wastewater management
•Battery recycling
•Air pollution control
•Green buildings
•Solar applications
•Wind applications
•Waste management / recycling, etc.

•Banks & Loans
•Venture Capitalists

Smart Energy
•Smart grid
•Energy storage
•Smart meters
•Power distribution / monitoring
•Voltage regulators

Smart IT & Communications
•Information and communications technology
•Security & Surveillance
•Disaster Management
•Data Management
•Geographic Information System (GIS)
•Smart devices & Biometrics
•Traffic control systems, etc.

Smart Health
•Medical devices and products
•Healthcare institutions
•Hospital equipment and furniture
•Advanced Ambulances
•Insurance companies, etc.

Smart Education
•Classroom latest technologies
•Educational institutions
•Educational games and gadgets
•E-learning applications and products
•Interactive whiteboards
•Laboratory / training equipment
•Teaching systems, etc.

Smart Buildings
•Smart heating
•Smart cooling
•Smart gas solutions
•Combined heat and power
•Water heating systems
•Smart power
•Smart appliances
•Energy saving devices
•Smart meters
•Security systems
•Water harvesting, etc

Smart Transportation
•Charging stations
•Advanced safety control systems
•Advance driver assistance systems
•Battery technology
•Biofuels / LPG / LNG
•Hydrogen fuel cells
•Urban transport systems

Centralized Smart Systems
Emergency response systems
Centralized Connectivity
Centralized Alarming and detection Systems
Control room systems

Tentative Agenda: Future Cities AP-2015

Day 1

08:30 Registration, refreshments and networking
09:00 Chairman's welcome and Opening Remarks (Ministry of Urban Development)
09:30 Importance of E - Governance Projects & Operations in all Smart Economic City functions
10:00 Shaping a 'smarter' tomorrow with you (Solution Provider Topic)
10:30 The Technological involvement in Smart Cities and their outcomes (Solution Provider Topic)
11:00 Coffee Networking Break
11:30 ‘Government Radio Network – Enabling SAFER Smart Cities‘
12:00 Panel Discussion: Assessing the most feasible Roadmap in developing ICT & Cloud based Provinces
13:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00 Roundtable Discussion - Speed Networking
14:40 Technology Enablement for a Citizen Centric Smart City
15:00 Coffee Networking Break
16:00 Cyber Security & ICT solutions with its integration into the existing cities and upcoming Smart Economic Cities
16:30 Importance of keeping the ministry always updated and the strategy that is followed by the ministry to secure all data and provide sharing applications to all employees assigned
End of Day

Day 2

08:30 Registration, refreshments and networking
09:00 Chairman's welcome and Opening Remark
09:30 Utilizing GIS in Planning
10:00 Using E-Health concepts to integrate healthcare with other governmental and non-governmental institute services (Case Studies-Solution Provider)
10:30 Intelligent Transport Systems and Need for Smart Transport Hubs and Operations with current development in Smart Transportation Systems
11:00 Coffee Networking Break
11:30 Development of Smart Grids and Requirement of Smart Meters of Efficiency
12:00 Roundtable Discussion - Speed Networking
13:00 Networking Luncheon
14:00 Panel Discussion
15:00 Infrastructural Development of Upcoming Economic Cities with the use of local Natural Pozzolan in Green Concrete, Green Building and Sustainable development in India
15:30 E- Education and its Scope, The need for Smart Campuses and Buildings
16:00 Coffee Networking Break
16:30 E - Healthcare Projects & Operations
17:00 Perspective of Data Mining and Pervasive Computing on Intervention of Non Communicable Diseases
End of Day 2

Confirmed Speakers and Panelist

Interested to present a case study / receive more information about the conference program and speakers, send your request along with contact details and the word ‘Future City - AP 2015 Speakers’ in the subject line to: speaker@ibcipl.com


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• Access to high profile networking with the attending CXOs.
• Access to one-to-one meetings with solution providers.
• Access to selected keynote and panel discussions.
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