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April 19th, 2018 | MUMBAI

About CXM

The 2nd Annual of CXM will be one of its kind platform to serve the unique customer requirements of the CX community that gather every year to brainstorm the best practices in the CX sector. India world over is known as a unique market of 1.25 billion consumers with mega-cities and vibrant population. The winds of change across this diversified region allows companies to further chase growth by creating a perfect storm of consumer satisfaction 24/7/365 while retaining the existing customer base. In an increasingly transparent world where communication flow is constant and unlimited, organisations need to match the heightened expectations of progressively sophisticated, diverse and demanding customers.

IBCI is proud to host the 2nd annual of the region's only exclusive Customer Experience Management initiative with a focus on assisting organisations to understand and conceptualise rapidly changing consumer preference of choices and convenience while prepare you for the Block chain Management, IOT and Big Data Analytics. Through Customer Experience Management (CXM) we are delighted to assist you in designing a intense impact on your customers to transform their experiences and drive immense growth for your company.

We have seen a increase in organisational spend in customer experience metrics, digital technologies, data analytics, VOC programs among other things over the past years in a bid to enhance the customer satisfaction. It’s imperative for organisations to perceive the dedication devoted to customer journey studies, design- thinking, empathy mapping and creating shopping patterns – deliberate efforts have been devised to take more control over the customers’ journey.

Customer Experience Management (CXM - 2018) is encyclopaedia about gaining in-depth and complete knowledge about customers enabling us to design and deliver custom-made experiences that will attract them to remain loyal to you and also be your brand ambassadors. It comes from extricating insight from all customers multiple touch points and channels across your entire organization; it's about connecting loads of customer data (Referred as Big Data) from online channels and beyond, and extracting valuable insights from that data with speed and accuracy.

Future of Digital CX

As CX professionals work to perfect the web, mobile and social CX, @ CXM-2018 we will explore how companies can integrate new platforms like block chain technology, bots, artificial intelligence, digital assistants and a host of other technologies.

Importance of CXM

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is fast becoming a critical differentiator in today's hypersensitive, hyper-connected and hyper-competitive global marketplace. There's noticeable business value in managing the customer experience effectively. Good customer experience management always looks at:

• Enhancing and augmenting sales while boosting revenue from existing customers & creating a lineup of new sales channels by word of mouth.
• Strengthening brand fondness through distinguished experiences.
• Lowering the costs by reducing customer confusion.
• Increasing customer loyalty through cherished and memorable customer interactions.

Outcome of CXM



• Chief Marketing Officer
• VP or Director of Marketing
• VP Marketing Innovation
• VP or Director of Social Marketing
• VP Multichannel Marketing


• Chief Customer Experience Officer
• Chief Customer Relations Officer
• Chief Compliance Officer
• User Experience Head
• VP Customer Experience


• Chief Marketing Technologist
• Chief Technology Officer
• Chief Digital Officer
• Head Digital
• Chief Information Technology Officer


• Chief Executive Officer
• Chief Operating Officer
• Chief Development Officer


Choose what matters to your business and customers through top solution experts that can help you maximize:

• Customer Experience
• Digital/Marketing/Experiential
• Marketing Automation/CRM
• ERP/Enterprise Content Management
• Social Media/Digital Media
• Big Data and Analytics/VOC Solutions
• Content Management Systems
• Contact Center Management Solutions
• Work Force Optimization

Driving your company’s CXM transformation through Omni channels

Omni-channel: Maximizing brand impact
Personalization: Delivering value and relevance
Mobile: Creating mobile-first strategies
Integration: Consistent CX across all channels
Journey Mapping: Know how customers interact with you
Social: Sourcing ideas to boost engagement
Analytics: Improving ROI on the CX initiatives
Customer-Centric: Creating a CX culture
Transformation: Embracing agile methodologies
Voice of Customer: Strategies to listen actively

Upgrade your knowledge and learn new trends by:

Mapping and Improving the Customers' Journey; Developing a strong, rich and clear CRM vision and strategy
Incorporating redefined design personas; Overcoming organizational difficulties to CRM success
Redesigning actions with customer journey maps; Unraveling the actual business value with your customer data
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Using customer journey patterns; Elevating customers' experiences through customer journey monitoring and design
Initiating internal sessions; Providing custom-made customer interactions across multi-channels

Invited and Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Hitesh Bhat
Director - Marketing & Communications
Retailers Association Of India (RAI)

R V Balasubramaniam Iyer
Vice President
Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited

Laxmi Bhan Rajan
EVP – Customer Experience & Operations
Vodafone India Limited

Abraham Alapatt
President & Group Head - Marketing
Service Quality, Financial Services & Innovation
Thomas Cook India Limited

Priyanka Bhargav
Associate Director & Head - Consumer & Brand
Research & Insights /Corporate Communications/PR
Myntra Designs Pvt. Ltd.

Rahul Vasu
Head Loyalty & Customer Experience
Hypercity Retail India

Amandeep Singh Munial
Head – Global Customer Experience, India
eBay Inc

Pooja Verma
Head- Customer services and Policy servicing
Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Manish Dureja
Managing Director
Jet Privilege

Suman Kargupta
Head Customer Experience
Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

Chandan Chhabra
Director - Customer Experience

Bharat Bhanushali
EVP & Head – Business Technology
Fino Payments Bank


Customer experience leaders can also benefit by taking additional and systematic methodology to calculating the ROI of customer experience. This often requires institutional leaders to take a back foot and inspect how they currently measure most appropriate business metrics.



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