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Creating World-Class Customer Experience for Your Digitally Inspired and Demanding Customers

India is a unique market of 1.25 billion consumers. India has mega-cities with millions of consumers. The winds of change across this diversified region allows companies to further chase growth by creating a perfect storm of consumer satisfaction 24/7/365 while retaining the existing customer base. In an increasingly transparent world where communication flow is constant and unlimited, organizations need to get up to speed and match the heightened expectations of progressively sophisticated, diverse and demanding customers.

IBCI is proud to host the IInd Annual of the region's only exclusive Customer Experience Management initiative focused on assisting organizations to understand and conceptualize rapidly changing consumer perceptions of choice, convenience and prepare you for the Internet of Things (IOT) and Big Data Analytics. Through Customer Experience Management (CXM) we are delighted to assist you to design a intense impact on your customers to transform their experiences and drive immense growth for your company.

As we see organizations furiously invest in customer experience metrics, digital technologies, data analytics, VOC programs among other things, in a bid to understand their customers better. Its imperative for organizations to perceive the dedication devoted to customer journey studies, design - thinking, empathy mapping and creating shopping patterns – deliberate efforts have been devised to take more control over the customers’ journey accordingly organizations can pre-empt and minimize the occurrence and impact of a ‘bad experience’.


Customer Experience Management (CXM - 2017) is encyclopedia about gaining in-depth complete knowledge about your customers so that you can design and deliver custom-made experiences that will attract them to remain loyal to you and also be your brand ambassadors and also to evangelize to others about you. It comes from extricating insight from all customers multiple touch points and channels across your entire organization; it's about connecting loads of customer data (Referred as Big Data) from online channels and beyond, and extracting valuable insights from that data with speed and accuracy.


Customer Experience Management (CEM) is fast becoming a critical differentiator in today's hypersensitive, hyper-connected and hypercompetitive global marketplace. There's noticeable business value in managing the customer experience effectively. Good customer experience management always looks at enhancing and: Augmenting sales while boosting revenue from existing customers & creating a lineup of new sales channels by word of mouth. Strengthening brand fondness through distinguished experiences. Lowering the costs by reducing customer confusion. Increasing customer loyalty through cherished and memorable customer interactions.


Customer experience leaders can also benefit by taking additional and systematic methodology to calculating the ROI of customer experience. This often requires institutional leaders to take a back foot and inspect how they currently measure most appropriate business metrics.

Increase your customer acquisition

Protect your customer’s loyalty

Bring personalized brand experiences

Enhance all digital touch-points

ui / Exploit agile-marketing strategies

Improve your digital connect

Driving your company’s CXM transformation through Omni channels

  • Omni-channel: Maximizing brand impact
  • Personalization: Delivering value and relevance
  • Mobile: Creating mobile-first strategies
  • Integration: Consistent CX across all channels
  • Journey Mapping: Know how customers interact with you
  • Social: Sourcing ideas to boost engagement
  • Analytics: Improving ROI on the CX initiatives
  • Customer-Centric: Creating a CX culture
  • Transformation: Embracing agile methodologies
  • Voice of Customer: Strategies to listen actively

Upgrade your knowledge and learn new trends by:

  • Mapping and Improving the Customers' Journey; Developing a strong, rich and clear CRM vision and strategy
  • Incorporating redefined design personas; Overcoming organizational difficulties to CRM success
  • Redesigning actions with customer journey maps; Unraveling the actual business value with your customer data
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Using customer journey patterns; Elevating customers' experiences through customer journey monitoring and design
  • Initiating internal sessions; Providing custom-made customer interactions across multi-channels

IBCI Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the leading national provider of connoisseur information and services for the professional and commercial business communities. We just don't organize conferences but provide every person with relevant, complete information tailored to their role; we deliver insight that predicts the best next step, and deliver it in time to influence the business outcome.


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • VP or Director of Marketing
  • VP Marketing Innovation
  • VP or Director of Social Marketing
  • VP Multichannel Marketing
  • Chief Customer Experience Officer
  • Chief Customer Relations Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • User Experience Head
  • VP Customer Experience
  • Chief Marketing Technologist
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Head Digital
  • Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Development Officer

Thought leaders and executives involved in any aspect of customer experience strategy, design, management and implementation from the below industries:


Industry experts and vendors who provide guidance, service and/or products to help CX leaders in

I. Customer Experience
II. Digital/Marketing/Experiential
III. Marketing Automation/CRM
IV. ERP/Enterprise Content Management
V. Social Media/Digital Media
VI. Big Data and Analytics/VOC Solutions
VII. Content Management Systems
VIII. Contact Center Management Solutions
IX. Work Force Optimization

Why CXM ?

Nearly 32 percent of respondents say senior management either doesn't consider there's meaningful ROI from customer experience or they're unsure if ROI is generated.

What does your organization's leadership think about the ROI of client experience?

  • A. Doesn't believe in a significant ROI of customer experience
  • B. Unsure if there is an ROI of customer experience
  • C. Believes there is a large ROI of customer experience
  • D. Believes there is a moderate ROI of customer experience
  • E. Believes there is a small ROI of customer experience


CXM 2nd Edition Partners

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CXM 1st Edition Partners

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Why Should you partner ?

1. Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility
2. Highly Targeted Marketing
3. Leveraged Lead Generation
4. Media Exposure
5. Brand Awareness & Recognition
6. Generate NEW Sales & Form NEW Business Partnerships
7. Community involvement and giving back
8. Distribute Samples or Trial Offers
9. CONTACTS - Distribution Channels

Getting your message across the right platform:
Because we know that each Sponsor has a different strategy, business development goal and branding initiative each Sponsorship package is tailored to your corporate goals. Though most Sponsorships offer multiple levels and types of exposure, there are a few main ways for you to highlight your corporate strengths.

Exclusive Branding:
Branding is often a major initiative for our clients who are seeking to get the message out about their offerings. As a Sponsor your firm’s logo will appear alongside of the national leaders associated with best practices in this area. IBCI leverages multiple media outlets including online, direct mail, email, press releases and media partnerships to publicize the event. We offer some key platforms for you to get across your brand image to our customer base and your prospects.

Personalized Time:
Networking and information sharing are two major aspects of the conferences and IBCI builds in many opportunities for Sponsors to enjoy & benefit from meeting the leaders in the space. As a Sponsor your company will have access to all onsite networking functions at the conference. They include four refreshment break sessions and two conference wide luncheons. The exhibit hall is designed to be the heart of the event a place to network meet and share strategies with key decision makers involved in and our sponsors will receive premium booth location during the show. Additionally IBCI offers a selection of Sponsorships that enable our clients to increase their opportunity to develop new relationships during our event. Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity?

Do you have a product or service that our senior decision-makers and influencers need?

We have a range of Sponsor packages that will be tailored to specifically deliver on your business objectives. For more details, call +91 80 41234500 or email

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