• The Event Background

    Architects start and stop work depending on the funding model for the process of solution identification and delivery, while being responsible for leading or participating in all aspects of the design,development, deployment, and operational management of the solution and related components.

    ADOF – 2013 (Architects & Designs Of Future) will help design comfortable, peaceful, relaxing spaces and structures while developing activities including getting the job, solving the problems,estimating costs, producing the drawings and documents, calling the tenders and reviewing the work on the site and combining of design, technical, social, cultural and business qualities for the future.

    ADOF - 2013 aims at

    ADOF – 2013 (Architects & Designs Of Future) aim at planning process to achieve a successful design that reflects your own ideas and aspirations which are financially viable ensuring unique skill of buildings, addressing use,appearance, and construction.

    Benefits Of Attending

    • 1.How to perform the duties of creating and developing forms of structure that are functional to both man and nature.
    • 2.Have one to one meetings with architects to understand their challenges & requirement, the opportunity and stand a chance to win new business.
    • 3.Design with the knowledge of both the present and the future.
    • 4.Ensure costs are saved on your next project through enhancing your international knowledge and local material selection.
    • 5.Enhance your ability of perfection with a definite creative ability of drawing art and mantling and dismantling projects.
    • 6.Enhance your technical under- standing of new technologies, ensuring an educated decision is made.
    • 7.How to constantly learn and challenge the established methods in architecture.
    • 8.Know the constructability, resources,environmental impact, social impact, material durability, understanding of how the environment effects the mixture of materials introduced and many other aspects of the building.
    • 9.Ways to produce functional design solutions that are workable within the designed environment.
  • ADOF - 2013 Delegates will include-

    Principal Architects
    Architectural firms
    Architectural Consultants
    Senior Architects

    Pricing & Discounts

    1 Delegate Fee — INR 1499/-(Exclusive of taxes, before August 31st)
    1 Delegate Fee — INR 1999/-(Exclusive of taxes, after August 31st)
    1 Corporate Table (6) - INR 8000/-(Exclusive of taxes, before August 31st)(With Company Logo displayed for Branding)

    Delegates Details

    Title*: Company Name*:
    First Name*: Address Line 1*:
    Last Name*: Addreess Line 2:
    Job Title*: City*:
    Email*: State*:
    Phone*: Zip Code*:
    Fax: Country*:

  • Conference Agenda

    09:15-09:30  Lighting of the lamp
    09:30-10:30  "Adding value through design: Towards timeless, humane and sustainable                       architecture" | Mr. Yatin Pandya - Researcher - Foot Prints EARTH
    10:30-11:00  “Design and coatings” | Mr. Shailesh Rajan- National Manager – Construction, Akzo                       Nobel
    11:00-11:30  Networking Break
    11:30-12:15  “The Changing Benchmarks of Design - understanding the Context & Need” | Ar.                       Senoj Alexander - Head, Operations,India - Jurong International Singapore
    12:15-01:15  Panel Discussion | “Available technology for Design and Aesthetics - Its importance,                       its application and its need”
    01:15-02:00  Lunch Break
    02:00-02:30  “Futuristic Facade” | Mr. Sriram.N - Manager-New Products, Glass Academy
    02:30-03:30  “Innovative Design as a Means of Design conservation” | Ar. Soumitro Ghosh-                       Director, Mathew & Ghosh Architects
    03:30-04:00  “Towards Sustainable Development” | Ar. Gurpreet S Shah - Principal Architect &                       Urban Designer, Creative Group
    04:00-04:30  Networking Break
    04:30-05:00  Business Meeting Session
    05:00            End Of Conference

    Request a Brochure

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  • Invited & Confirmed Speakers

    Ar. Senoj Alexander - Head,Operations,India - Jurong International Singapore

    Mr. Yatin Pandya - Researcher - Foot Prints EARTH | India

    Ar. Soumitro Ghosh- Director, Mathew & Ghosh Architects

    Mr. Shailesh Rajan - National Manager – Construction, Akzo Nobel

    Mr. Sriram.N - Manager-New Products, Glass Academy

    Ar. Gurpreet S Shah - Principal Architect & Urban Designer, Creative Group

  • Partners

    "Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deals, preferably big deals."   -Donald Trump


    AkzoNobel is a multicultural, market-driven and technology....Read more

    Silver Partner

    CETCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International,....Read more

    Associate Partner

    Lingel: We are a large German company established in 1959.We are .....Read more

    Associate Partner

    In the history of modern roofing and cladding....Read more

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    9. CONTACTS - Distribution Channels

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  • Focusing on the challenges of-

    1.Analyze relevant topics; encourage interdisciplinary reasoning.
    2.Understanding the values that underpin the way designers think.
    3.Examining value of carbon saving, energy-conscious design, water conservation and bio-diversity strategies.
    4.Architectural viewpoints, such as business, information, application, and technology perspectives.
    5.Approaches to day lighting / Energy savings to include user preferences and glare.
    6.Sustainable design strategies.
    7.Architectural models to create visual renditions of the different abstractions and view-points.
    8.Integrating solutions with industry standards, established patterns, and best practices.

    Covers the following areas-

    Architecture & Environment
    BIM & City Information Modeling
    Simulation, Prediction, & Evaluation
    Generative, Parametric & Evolutionary Architecture
    Thermal Comfort, Lighting & Acoustics
    Design Education & Design Research
    Environmental & Earth Science
    Spatial Information Architecture
    Machines, installation, tools
    Services, associations, research & development
    Technical information, Components, prefabricated elements
  • Contact Info


    #2C-405, CKSR Arcade,
    3rd Floor, OMBR Layout,
    Bangalore - 560043
    Karnataka, India.


    +91 80 41234500
    +91 80 41234511

    Our Location

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  • Associate Partner

    Lingel: We are a large German company established in 1959.We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality windows & Doors in Europe & India. We provide cutting edge technologies & services in helping improve people's lives and conserve energy in a world that has ever increasing water, food, energy & economic security. The quality policy of the company is to keep setting up new quality standards for the delight of the customers. Craftsmanship at its best, in delivering masterpieces of Windows and Doors, using special uPVC materials, engineered from the German concept to Indian needs. We have ranges of Windows and Door Products that convert an ordinary home space to lavish, beautiful, graceful homes. The USP being, green and beautiful! All our products are completely nature-friendly, adapting the need to give life to the environment in a futuristic way.

  • Partner

    AkzoNobel is a multicultural, market-driven and technology based organization, serving customers throughout the world with coatings and chemicals. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we are leaders in product technology, development and manufacturing.

    We are one of the industry leaders on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes (DJSI), reflecting the company’s wholehearted commitment to improving its sustainability performance.AkzoNobel is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

    As the world’s leading coatings company, our businesses cover practically every application in the global coatings market. Our paints protect and enhance mobile phones, appliances, pipelines, construction machinery, ships, buildings, etc. We are highly committed to innovation and supply our customers with strong brands & leading technologies. Our main development efforts focus on improving protection against harmful influences such as chemical corrosion, sunlight & heat, ensuring better adaptability to meet specific customer demands, improving ease of application, aesthetic value and reducing ecological impact.

    AkzoNobel India Limited

    AkzoNobel started operations in India in 1994 and since then, as a result of our technical strength and global reach, has made significant inroads into our chosen markets sectors. We transform experience and expertise from our seamless operation, into technical excellence – delivering innovative coatings and services to you, locally. Our business areas include Protective Coatings, Marine Coatings, Powder Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Decorative Coatings.

  • Associate Partner

    In the history of modern roofing and cladding systems in India there is one name that is surly emerging as one of the pillars as design excellence in architectural products i.e Vijaynath Interiors & Exteriors. Showing excellency for last 25Years.

    As a sister concern, Four Star has been developed in South to have its H.O in Bangalore to focus on south region and to provide better solution to all our Architect, Consultant, Builders and end users.

    To share our experience and excellence, India has witnessed more than 10 lakhs Sq.mtrs. in Metal Roofing and Wall Cladding.

    We provide the following support and services such as

    • Supply and Installation
    • Design Solution
    • Warranty against leakage
  • Silver Partner

    CETCO is a wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International, an international specialty mineral and polymer company founded in 1927, focusing on diversified environmental and construction technologies. CETCO’s registered office is based in Mumbai, India and its manufacturing facility is in Gujarat and Chennai, India.

    CETCO’s first waterproofing patent dates back to 1942, and since then there has been a focus on meeting the demands of our customers. Utilizing the capabilities of our parent company, we have developed market leading products for below grade structures worldwide. These polymer technologies include greater performance parameters while being competitively priced to other performance based waterproofing products, and have been installed on numerous projects throughout India.

    Production began in Gujarat in 2006 of our Voltex DS product, which is used primarily in underslab below grade applications. Together with Voltex DS, CETCO’s Waterstop RX and Swelltite have also been called upon to keep Indian structures dry, from high profile residences in Mumbai to commercial properties in Kolkata. While all of these technologies have over 20 years of performance worldwide, the refocused commitment made by CETCO in 2011 will allow for other technologies widely received elsewhere to be presented in India.

    By committing to produce these technologies in India, CETCO has invested in the future of the rapidly developing Indian marketplace. CETCO’s technologies are environmentally friendly to produce, and thoroughly tested to match the performance standards of our rigorous global specifications. CETCO makes these products in India, for India, and for the future of India. Please contact your local CETCO representative for more information or visit www.cetco.co.in

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