3D Printing Application to Delivery (3DPAD-2016)

Futuristic Design Prototyping in Additive Manufacturing

3DPAD- 2016 is an exclusive and decision-making Conference focusing on modernizing the all sector across the region through Additive Manufacturing. The growth of additive technologies has brought this sector into the design consciousness like never before. Additive manufacturing has presented important benefits in reducing the manufacturing processes necessary to create super strong and lightweight alloys to cater for the future.

Contemplating as the next industrial revolution and being an important part of the Middle East economy with a market share of more than $2.3 billion. 3DPAD- 2016 is a platform to act as a catalyst to understand and explore the applications of 3D printing as cost effective and viable option. Emphasizing on key application segments such as research and development, medical, industrial design, product design, Jewellery and sports are being addressed.

Converging from design solutions that are more advanced and productive in the market. This platform will also showcase on how companies can utilize 3D Printing and design to redesign existing parts to make them simpler, lighter, optimized and supply components or assembly lines which are more cost effective with futuristic trends and developments.


Know about the latest trends, innovations and technologies through keynote presentations, round table & panel discussions. Discuss the issues that matter you the most.

These sessions are devoted to discussing the challenges, pressing issues, such as the current market situation, funding and technological trends amongst others.

Presentations by industry leaders will help attendees to understand the intricate dynamics of post-global-crisis opportunities and strategies.

Thorough research is conducted with the industry's leading solution providers and users to understand the latest challenges, threats, innovations and opportunities. An advisory panel that includes industry leaders recommends program topics that have been identified as the critical issues & challenges faced.

Great Networking leads to Greater Business - position yourself at the centre of influence; cultivate mutually beneficial relationships by reaching out to a large & diverse group of attendees who are looking for your Product/Solution/Service.

Meet face-to-face with Industry leaders throughout the day. They have the technology solutions that could potentially solve your expressed security problems. Business meetings are exclusively set in advance and are held to fit the current priorities & preferences. All meetings will take place in private, five-star business environment.


3D PAD -2016 is a multi sector event to promote inquiry, knowledge-sharing and technical innovations across the industry. The platform helps to be engaged in a series of methodologies to generate and categorize industry needs. It will like to assist the ambitious and innovative approach of creating a Regional Centre for Creative Design.

Attend if your are focused towards:-

• Keep ahead of your competitors
• Drive costs down and improve efficiency
• Optimize your designs
• Reduce lead times
• Enter new high-value niche markets
• Improve supply chain management
• Eliminate waste
• Access to industry experts before you make equipment decisions.
• Meet state-of-the-art 3D technology manufacturers in one room.
• Network with only exclusive pre-qualified attendees and see how they’re addressing their challenges.

Discover how to use 3D technologies to reform your product design, reduce time to market, cut costs, eliminate tooling, and much more.

Who will be there?


Answering the “WHY” to the “WHY NOT’ 3DPAD-2016 is the place to be, where all attendees and partners can explore ways and means on how the application and strategic business approach with 3D printing can be accomplished.

Attendee Profile
• CEO & CXO’s
• R&D Heads
• Product Heads
• Plant Heads
• Procurement & Purchase Heads
• Technical Directors
• Architects
• Artists & Innovators
• Automotive Specialists
• Aviation Reformers
• Builders & Developers
• City Planners
• Fashion & Jewelry Designers
• Food Professionals
• Industrial Designers
• Inventors & Technologists
• Investors & Entrepreneurs
• Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists
• Medical, Dental, & Prosthetic Specialists
• Plastics & Metal Engineers
Exclusive Industry Focus
• Aerospace
• Machines Manufacturers
• Automotive Industry
• Building Industry
• Consumer Goods
• Defense
• Domestic Appliances
• Electrical & Electronic Industry
• Engineering Solutions industry
• Furniture Industry
• Home Automation Industry
• Leisure & Sport
• Medical Technology
• Mining
• Optical Industry
• Packaging Industry
• Plant Construction
• Ship Building
• Shoe Industry
• Telecommunication
• Toy Industry
• Other

Additive manufacturing/3D printing Solution will Showcase:

Primary 3D Printer Solution types: -

• Stereolithography (SLA)
• Digital Light Processing (DLP)
• Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
• Selective laser melting (SLM)
• Electronic Beam Melting (EBM)
• Laminated object manufacturing (LOM)
• Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)
• Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
• Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
• Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM)

Primary 3D Secondary Solutions like: -

• Designing Solutions
• Software
• 3D CAD Design
• Reverse Engineering
• Finishing solutions
• Scanning equipment
• Laser Scanning
• White Light Scanning
• Advanced Materials
• Tooling/Die and Mold

Industry Focus Areas

For MRO/Spare parts

As Additive manufacturing technologies deliver incredible flexibility and faster turnaround in manufacturing a part , most MRO's are keen to invest in Additive Manufacturing as they will be able to develop “instant” spare parts and complete maintenance and repair tasks within hours. another major motivator for additive manufacturing technology adoption is the ability to produce hard-to-find spare parts or components that aren't manufactured anymore.

For Healthcare – Innovations in Treatment and Technology for Healthcare

3D printing is increasingly used to prep doctors for surgery. With patient-tailored models of a given surgical area, surgeons can better understand the environment that they're getting into, ultimately reducing surgery times and improving outcomes.


Jewellery making is one of the crafts that best shows what 3D printing can offer in terms of mass-customized, on-demand production. Not just in terms of new possibilities, but also for broadening design and production access to a wide range of young creative's and startups.

For schools/Universities – Giving wings to their Imaginations and Ideas

3D printing is empowering the world's school , universities and laboratories , presenting them with some innovative , never before heard of educational opportunities . 3D printing energises the limits of creativity and exposes a new learning experience when student get to visualize the real shape and feel the object. 3D printing helps in stimulating students education with ideas , inventions and product development .

Agenda Focus

Opening remark - Additive Manufacturing prospects and challenges for the Middle East market
Aviation - Technological advancements in 3D printing for the MRO industry
Education - 3D printing- development of educational and technical creativity for the future generation
Healthcare - To create effective applications and designs to manufacture patient specific implants through 3D printing
Food Processing - Future of 3D printing in the manufacturing process
Jewellery - The secret to harnessing 3D printing technology in line with traditional techniques to create more hard to make pieces



Interested to present a case study / receive more information about the conference program and speakers, send your request along with contact details and the word ‘3D PAD Speakers’ in the subject line to: speaker@ibcipl.com


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Getting your message across the right platform
We understand that each partner has a strategy, business development goal and branding initiative. Each partner package is tailored to your corporate goals and requirements. Though most partnership packages offer multiple level and types of exposure, there are a few main ways for you to highlight your corporate strengths.

Exclusive Branding
Branding is often a major initiative for our clients who are seeking to get the message out about their offerings. As a Partner your firm’s logo will appear alongside of the national leaders associated with best practices in this area. IBCI leverages multiple media outlets including online, direct mail, email, press releases and media partnerships to publicize the event. We offer some key platforms for you to get across your brand image to our customer base and your prospects.

Personalized Time
Networking and information sharing are two major aspects of the conferences and IBCI builds in many opportunities for Partners tobenefit from meeting the leaders in the space. As a Partner your company will have access to all onsite networking functions at the conference. They include four refreshment break sessions and two conference wide luncheons. The exhibit hall is designed to be the heart of the event a place to network meet and share strategies with key decision makers involved in and our sponsors will receive premium booth location during the show. Additionally, IBCI offers a selection of Partnerships packages that enable our clients to increase their opportunity to develop new relationships during our event.

Partner Benefits
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• Exclusive Pass to the entire conference program.
• Access to networking reception and five-star luncheons.
• Access to high profile networking with the attending CXOs.
• Access to one-to-one meetings with solution providers.
• Access to selected keynote and panel discussions.
• Access to the Exhibition area


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